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(GBR) Chuffed to be speaking at the fourth seminar in the (deep breath) 'Rethinking Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media' series (no website), here at Open University, Milton Keynes.

The morning session will be on 'New directions in youth culture research', delivered by PhD students, the afternoon session is focussed on 'Youth as a consumer market' in which I'll be presenting.

DK gave a polished, engaging, multi-media presentation about youth and social media for our research seminar series "Rethinking Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media" (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council). Those attending—a mix of established academics and newer researchers in the field of youth culture, and people from national youth organisations—found it fascinating and thought-provoking, and DK gave us some clear issues to take our discussions forward.

Professor David Buckingham, Director of the Centre for the Study of Children Youth and Media, Institute of Education

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