Wigan Youth Service Conference: Part Two


Speaking gig and masterclass.

(GBR) I'm back in Lancashire speaking at another Wigan Youth Service conference (was here in March).

I'll be talking about the usual social media and young people stuff but also hosting a masterclass session illustrating several platforms and 'tricks of the trade'.

The purpose of the event was to introduce the concept and uses of social media to the widest audience possible—from the Director of Children and Young Peoples Services, face to face youth workers to young people in two session. As our guide, interpretator and 'expert' DK was exceptional providing the history, knowledge and practical applications of social media in a medium that was accessible to all, immediate and relevant; all the participants were motivated, challenged and engaged.

DK allowed us to begin to think what Services for Young People need to do to communicate with young people in a rapidly evolving media age, this is a highly recommended input, so good we have invited him back.
Simon Morton, Development Manager Wigan Youth Service

Wigan Youth Service Conference: Part One

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