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A couple of weeks ago I was humbly delivering a session to a group of students at the Foundation for International Education—the international class has the fantastic title of “Creative Leadership and Innovation in UK Media” and I was sharing what we do with our clients plus offering other hopefully insightful stuff.

Below is some feedback from the students themselves (plus professor who invited me)—not posting it here to brag but more to demonstrate the reason why I / we / MediaSnackers do what I / we / MediaSnackers do:

To inspire people to learn, work & live differently.

Stuff like this reinforces that focus and makes us work all the more harder to get better at it. How do you get your motivation shot?


Over the years I’ve been teaching I’ve always sought out guest speakers to help students get a feel for the “real world”. Although almost all guest speakers can provide some real world information, it’s the rare guest speaker that truly inspires the students, gets them charged up about the topic and engages them to learn more.

But that’s what you did!

You can see from the feedback cards that you accomplished each of those goals.

“DK was amazing” “I loved listening to DK” “I never thought about social media the way DK talked about it.”—those are just some of the sentiments.

Your energy and enthusiasm for the topic are a given. But it’s your knowledge and experience, your willingness to share personal experiences, and your understanding of how social media fits within the goals of a company or organization that made the learning truly worthwhile.

Sherri Hope Culver, Assistant Professor, Temple University

Thank you for the opportunity to come and deliver and for your energy in the session guys, means a lot.

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