About Social Media For Suits

What Is Social Media For Suits?

Social Media For Suits provides personalised mentoring for CEOs & Senior Executives.

This one-to-one course are for those who want to understand and effectively use social media to:

  • save time (personally and as a company / organisation)
  • monitor your brand / operations / sector online
  • tap into existing communities of interest or create ones
  • form an internal culture of collaboration and innovation through the use of online tools and platforms
  • strategy implementation of all this stuff and its ROI

The focus is on enabling the client to grasp the breadth of social media
opportunities, and go deeper into specific tactics relative to them.

Course Benefits

  • Explore new online communication techniques
  • Foster ideas, saving you time & money
  • Utilise online platforms to increase productivity
  • Raise the profile of your brand online
  • Connect with new clients / customers / audiences

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Glasgow Grows Audiences

About DK

I’m the founder of MediaSnackers, a social media agency which has delivered consulting, training and speaking services to a varied portfolio of clients across four continents.

Social Media For Suits draws on this specific experience and is a response to client discussions plus market demands.

We’ve also observed how few CEOs attend the MediaSnackers services—this will redress the balance and enable the people at the top to have a deeper understanding of all this social media stuff.

Contact us now to book or for more information—places are limited to one client per month.

MediaSnackers is currently in 'permanent pause' mode—check out justadandak.com where most of the juicy action is at nowadays!