MS Podcast#28


The 28th MediaSnackers podcast Mohammad and Sophie from YouthNet.

(WORLD) The MediaSnackers podcast focusses on individuals, organisations or companies who are simply impressing us and which are crying out for more discussion.

YouthNet (along with British Youth Council) has released its ‘Respect: The voice behind the hood‘ report exploring what young people themselves think about anti-social behaviour and how the media portays them. In this podcast, I talk to two young people who have been involved in the research, Mohammad and Sophie:

0.00—0.10 Intro
0.10—1.09 Mohammad and Sophie introduce themselves
1.10—2.08 discusses about the reports findings
2.09—2.55 methods and aims of report
2.46—3.25 personal reflections on findings
3.26—4.46 recommendations from report
4.47—6.00 re-addressing the media-balance
6.01—7.24 participation in media-creation
7.26—7.36 Thanks and outro

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