MS Podcast#143 / Rezed Podcast#38


The hub for learning and virtual worlds monthly podcast series.

(WORLD) The thirty eighth RezEd monthly podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

Featuring a discussion detailing the uses and background of Project Wonderland plus a quick tour of

0.00—0.24 intro
0.25—4.09 RezEd news with Amira and Krista at Global Kids (any news or events can be submitted here)
4.10—5.32 intros to Project Wonderland and Nicole Yankelovich and
5.33—6.03 Kevin Roebuck and Sun Microsystems
6.04—6.42 learning through new mediums
6.43—7.40 why are Sun interested?
7.41—9.06 what the Wonderland team does
9.07—10.28 timeline of development
10.29—13.15 intro Warren Sheaffer from St. Paul College and his project
13.16—14.37 challenges in implementation
14.38—16.18 student experience
16.19—18.51 other initiatives
19.25—22.05 intro Matt Schmidt at University of Missouri and iSocial
22.06—24.51 other advantages
24.52—26.51 final shout-outs, thanks / outro
26.52—27.54 intros to Jori Clark is from
27.55—28.38 real vs virtual
28.39—29.46 who the space is for
29.47—30.29 what will parents/educators learn from the space
30.30—30.37 thanks / outro
30.38—32.16 Amira and Krista detailing the upcoming events for the RezEd community (any news or events can be submitted here)
32.17—32.24 outro

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