MS Podcast#108 / Rezed Podcast#2


The hub for learning and virtual worlds podcast series.

(WORLD) This is the second RezEd podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

Sasha Barab is an Associate Professor in Learning Sciences, IST and Cognitive Science at Indiana University. He also holds the Barbara Jacobs Chair of Education and Technology, and is the Director of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology—talking here about one of his project called Quest Atlantis, an international learning and teaching project that uses a 3D multi-user environment to immerse children, ages 9-15, in educational tasks.

0.00—0.08 intro
0.08—3.19 RezEd news from Amira and Barry from Global Kids (any news or events can be submitted here)
3.24—3.45 intro from Sasha Barab
3.46—4.25 an overview of the Quest Atlantis project (intro film on Rezed)
4.26—5.22 scale, background and scope
5.23—6.13 measurable learning outcomes related to project
6.14—9.32 application of the virtual learning environment
9.33—11.36 Shelley’s Frankenstein example
11.37—16.30 challenges for adopters for educators / teachers
16.31—19.30 the future for Quest Atlantis and the use of using games in learning
19.31—19.41 thanks
19.42—21.33 Amira detailing the upcoming events for the RezEd community (any news or events can be submitted here)
21.34—21.50 outro

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