MS Podcast#133 / Rezed Podcast#27


The hub for learning and virtual worlds podcast series.

(WORLD) The twenty seventh RezEd podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

Robin Harper is Vice President of Marketing and Community Development for Second Life and is stepping down this month, talking here about the growth of educational uses of their virtual world and the challenges and developments ahead.

0.00—0.24 intro
0.25—1.45 intro to Robin Harper of Linden Labs
1.46—4.04 overview from Robin
4.05—5.03 campus Second Life programme
5.04—5.50 values educators bring
5.51—9.39 the educational community review
9.40—11.39 surprises
11.40—13.06 hopes and challenges ahead
13.07—13.30 thanks
13.31—18.20 Barry and Amira gives a first year review of RezEd plus the future developments
21.52—22.01 outro

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