Showcomotion Conference—Part#12


Blogging from the Showcomotion Conference: Last day summary (from participants).

(UK/WORLD) The end of the Showco conference and the last opportunity to do mini-interviews/podcasts with some of the attendees and also many of the speakers, starting with conference organiser, Greg Childs. To listen just click the links below:

Greg Childs, Showcomotion Conference Organiser—11mins.02secs

Sarah Baynes, Managing Director, The Creative Garden—1mins.42secs

Kate Bulkley, Journalist—5mins.43secs

Estelle Hughes, Controller CITV—1mins.44secs

Madeline Wiltshire, Joint Managing Director, Libra Television—2mins.15secs

Claire Fox, Director, The Institute Of Ideas—3mins.39secs

Rachel Murrell, Writer & Script Editor—2mins.45secs

Richard Langridge, Director, Rialto Films—3mins.21secs

Grant Cathro, Writer—2mins.50secs

Want to suggest someone or put your virtual hand-up to be interviewed? Then get in touch here or send me an audio message by clicking the icon opposite.

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I am attending and participating in the Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference, in Sheffield and blogging the event for the next two days.

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