MS/DesignShare Podcast#82


The 82nd MediaSnackers podcast is presented with DesignShare and features Barbara Diamond.

(WORLD) The MediaSnackers podcast focusses on individuals, organisations or companies who are simply impressing us and which are crying out for more discussion.

Our third DesignShare and MediaSnackers podcast sees us (Christian Long and DK) talking to Senior Advisor to the Knowledge Works Foundation, Barbara Diamond.

0.00 0. intros
1.09—2.14 what it means to be a change agent and an operating foundation
2.15—5.57 the back story behind the Institute For The Future collaboration
5.58—8.44 what the Map of Future Forces Affecting Education will do
8.45—11.50 are educators and decision-makers ready to use tools like the map
11.51—14.36 what are the big challenges to make it work
14.37—17.16 what conversations are evolving through the use of the map
17.17—18.26 where is the student involvement?
18.27—19.12 Outro

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