MS Podcast#125 / Rezed Podcast#20

The hub for learning and virtual worlds podcast series.

(WORLD) The twentieth RezEd podcast, produced by MediaSnackers with Global Kids.

Barry Joseph (of Global Kids) interview Deborah Fields, a doctoral student at the University of California. Over the past two years she had spent innumerable hours in Whyville, a virtual world for tweens, studying Whyvillian news articles, an after-school club that played on Whyville, cheat sites about Whyville, becoming an established, wealthy citizen on the platform and paying off her loan for an exclusive Whyville car.

0.00—0.24 intro
0.25—3.27 RezEd news from Amira and Rik at Global Kids (any news or events can be submitted here)
3.51—4.43 podcast interview intros
4.44—6.13 Whyville overview
6.14—8.05 educational activities in the platform
8.06—8.40 viruses (for educational good)
8.41—10.53 link with research work
10.54—13.25 designing learning structures/opportunities
13.26—15.44 why Whyville?
15.45—16.38 learn more here
16.39—16.43 thanks
16.44—19.03 Amira and Rik detailing the upcoming events for the RezEd community (any news or events can be submitted here)
19.04—19.12 outro

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