Showcomotion Conference—Part#1


Blogging from the Showcomotion Conference: First day.

(UK/WORLD) First day at conference is like first day at primary school. You’re all a little nervous, trying to catch a glimpse of each others name badges without being obvious and sheepishly wandering round hoping for a friendly smile to instigate engagement, whilst a few ‘packs’ of individuals cling to those people they know.

At the registration drinks for the Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference things couldn’t be more different.

Maybe it was due to the heat of the venue or maybe because all ‘media types’ love to ‘greet’—whatever it was, I had no problems engaging and talking to many of the people.

I took the opportunity to do mini-interviews/podcasts with many of these people which you can listen to just by clicking the links below, starting with the Conference organiser, Greg Childs:

Greg Childs, Executive Producer for Showcomotion Conference—4mins.41secs

Barbara Slade, Screenwriter—2mins.47secs

Juliet Roberts, Creative Director, Scream Out Loud Ltd.—1mins.42secs

Elaine Sperber, Head of Family & Childrens Drama, RDF Media—1mins.33secs

Carla Dejong, Network 10—1mins.34secs

David Kleeman, President, American Center for Children & Media—2mins.07secs

Oliver Ellis, Director Children’s Programming, Target Entertainment Ltd.—1mins.27secs

Karen Vermeulen, Head of Kids’ Sales, National Geographical—2mins.10secs

Want to suggest someone or put your virtual hand-up to be interviewed? Then get in touch here or send me an audio message by clicking the icon opposite.

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I am attending and participating in the Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference, in Sheffield and blogging the event for the next two days.

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