A launch scuppered and a first inspired.

(GBR) As announced in our last email digest, we were getting ready to launch our One Youth Work Blogger Campaign this month—aiming to inspire the first UK-based statutory youth work blogger…

We've been busy putting together a short inspiring and provocative video complimented by a host of links, examples and "how-tos" (plus we were going to throw in a half price training sweetener for the first to take up the challenge).

Little did we know a previous speaking gig had already done the job…

Hilary Mason is Senior Manager for West Sussex Youth Service AND the first ever uk-based statutory youth worker blogging (podcast to come).

Take a minute to think about that…

Whatever sector or industry you are in imagine being the first person to be blogging (please pop over to her blog and leave an encouraging comment or two).

I've been challenging every youth service audience I get in front of with this for nearly a year now and knew if just one started more would follow leading to the sharing of good practice, open dialogue and reflective practice plus a more transparent face for a sector which usually doesn't get the credit it deserves.

And to prove the point, a few days behind Hilary is Dave Petrie, Youth Worker for Essex County Youth Services (who again MediaSnackers are doing some work with) with his blog.

NB: Wonder if this will get featured anywhere in the mainstream media…?

Check out the ‘ project’ page

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