Don’t Pull, Push


With social media.

(WORLD) Many of our clients ask questions relating to online 'marketing / retention strategies', 'capturing eyeballs', and 'engagement pathways'? They are focussed on a 'pull' strategy which takes a lot of time, resource and financial investment.

For many of them we propse a alternative way…

Enable others to tell your story through embeddable content. This is all about 'pushing' rather than 'pulling'. It's a strategy which is cheaper, quicker, measurable, greener and more importantly part of the conversation banquet.

Got a flyer or programme of events—why isn't it on Issuu?
About to launch a new project/service—why isn't it on YouTube?
Communicating a policy or development strategy—why isn't it on

People want things on their own terms and the broadcasters are leading the way here with developments like iPlayer or 4OD (the whole model of Current TV is based on creating 'pushable' content).

Whatever sector you work in, keep asking: how much of this can we push out there?

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