Project : BT

BT have been great supporters of our work and have partnered with us to deliver several training gigs empowering young people to gain media and journalistic skills plus a participatory role and voice at selected events and conferences.

BT sponsored our trip to the 5th World Summit on Media and Children where we worked with all African young people, turning them into the official digital journalists for the four day conference (where we actually developed our Button Theory):

BT also graciously supplied the equipment for two other projects: Showcomotion 07
the Showcomotion digital journalists

… and the Digital Media Literacy Summit.
a digital journalist in action

We have also featured BT and their operations in a couple of podcasts:

  • The 77th MediaSnackers podcast discusses BT’s corporate social responsibility investments/strategies with Dave Hancock, head of Education and Volunteering.
  • The 106th MediaSnackers podcast focusses on the convergence of technology and interactive/communications elements in their service offerings with Kate Dean, head of television for BT Vision.

Plus a couple blog posts:

At the beginning of February 2009 we are also delivering an internal event for the telecommunications brand in London.

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