Digital Media Literacy Summit Part 4

Short film review of our training and event support.

Music featured: Save me by Showing Off To Thieves.

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The young journalists trained by mediasnackers for the Digital Media Literacy Summit 2007 held at Channel 4 on November 8th, organised and funded by the Media Literacy Task Force added notably to the success of this event.

Bringing a slice of 'real-life media literacy' to the event, the young journalists, from two inner City London schools and aged between 14 and 16, recorded interviews with delegates, speakers and organisers that enlivened the event and enriched the legacy of the day.

This aspect of the day was truly refreshing and highly relevant to the context of the Summit. It ensured that policy-makers and media professionals encountered young people practising media literacy skills both creative and critical as they learned 'on the job' how to conduct interviews and record and film them in real time.

It is a tribute to the quality of training provided by MediaSnackers that the results were professional and challenging to a considerable degree given the scale of their task and the number of seasoned professionals present at the event to be interviewed.
DR P A Packer, Strategy Adviser, UK Film Council & UK Media Literacy Task Force

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