MediaSnackers Button Theory


One of our theories.

(WORLD) This is purely experiential and non-academic. We talk about it a lot with clients and in our talks plus it's one of the reasons 75% of our training is with adults and not young people.

Get ready to chew on this for a while:

A young person would push a button to see what it does—an adult would ask what the button does before they pushed it.

It's very subtle but vastly important in terms of social media and technology.

It's why young people don't read manuals and navigate the web much quicker than older folks (for them, there's always a back button…). Call it the arrogance of youth or that they haven't learned how to 'fail' yet—they at least don't have the same consideration to the consequences.

Some say that's dangerous. Others, (like us and in this context) think it's a quality to regain and a healthy part of the nuances of being young.

You can hear me talk about it a little more in the MediaSnackers 100th podcast.

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