Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Imagination

"Constraints liberate your imagination"

Haven't got the money to buy the latest HD video camera?

No cash to hire an agency to develop that flashy website for you?

Access blocked to YouTube or Flickr in your classroom?

Get creative!

Use the phones in your pockets.

Create fan pages or profile sites across several free platforms and link them all together.

Explore other video / image hosting options out there.

The breadth of social media ensures there are lots of ways to get things done.

In our Proper Clever project we created a mobile phone-voucher campaign to promote a play to young people in Liverpool. These vouchers cost nothing to create and to distribute out to a couple of existing youth groups using bluetooth. The receivers were encouraged to virally spread the vouchers to their friends using the same method.

Even though the run of the performance had already started we still had over 200 young people attend the theatre redeeming their voucher at the box office.

Constraints drive creativity and make the success more rewarding.

Paraphrased from "When I have something to work against, it liberates my imagination", Jørgen Leth.


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