Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : How

"The how is more important than the what"

When exploring case studies and project examples there is a tendency to focus on what was done.

This separates you from them. Provokes distance. With a slight shift ask how it was done. Why? Because then you are discovering a model of delivery. Models are good.

Models are transferable. Find new models by asking how not what.

MediaSnackers created an online training course for young people in Papua New Guinea and Tonga, called Pacific Youth. Which explored media literacy, blogging, digital story telling, video and podcasting.

This is what we did. More importantly this is the model of how it done:

We used online tools and platforms to deliver presentations, course content, communicate, evaluate and monitor the outcomes.

Without social media it would have cost us a lot of money, time and resources to travel and deliver this training, but we did all the above for free.

If you are inspired about what someone else has done online, ask the how question.


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