Project : Proper Clever

propercleverLiverpools' Everyman and Playhouse theatre and arts venue commissioned Proper Clever, a new three week production for a youth audience, and asked us to help them develop social media strategies in and around the play.

We’ve never worked in a theatre before so we were happy to give it a shot.

Here’s what we developed:

  • dynamic web prescence : launching a specific weblog for the production packed already with insights, slideshows and video interviews. We trained up some of the staff so they can post ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff and also created some young local-based digital journalists to cover many nights of the three week run;
  • virtual hotseating : actors from the play will meet online (in character) for a virtual session of questions and answers;
  • mobile vouchers : snacksize mobile movies which, when shown at the box office, will give a reduced ticket rate. Propagated via bluetooth (so doesn't cost anything to send or receive) through the members of the theatres youth theatre and forum plus the digital journalists and other staff (plus you could also drop into the box office to pick one up). Over 200 young people used them…

MediaSnackers worked with us on our production of Proper Clever, advising on innovative ways to reach young people and training a group of digital journalists. Implementing a plan that was both practical and strategic the team were great to work with and delivered the project with enthusiasm, good humour and an understanding of our organisation.
Laura Arends, Marketing Campaigns Manager

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