Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Circles

"Circle Your Content"

Having your content on many social spaces is great, although if you don't create links back to your main website, people may never find you or understand the context about what they are seeing / reading / watching.

Build links from your YouTube channel back to your Twitter stream, from Flickr sets over to your YouTube profile, and from your SlideShare account to your FaceBook fan page.

To make the most of your social spaces, create paths for people as a guide.

For every training session we deliver a photo set is created on our Flickr account. Each photo uploaded to that set has a full description and a link back to the relevant blog post. Keeping people in the 'loop' and enabling them to explore the story behind the image.

These link-backs help with our search engine optimisation as well—in other words, we climb higher up the google rankings.


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