How Social Media ROI Materialises

The digital breadcrumbs in action

Here I am speaking via skype at the TEDxAmsterdam event back in July 2010.

I was invited by Pim Betist (the more handsome chap in the photo) to suggest and introduce my favourite TED talk which was then played (it was Simon Sinek and his Start With Why talk which has had a huge impact on us).

The opportunity arose after Pim tweeted out the day before that he was looking for anyone to fulfil this request—I basically put my digital handup with a reply as was free.

Pim and I met at the Trends In Kids and Youth Marketing conference in Amsterdam where we both spoke. I also did a vodcast with him about his funky company Africa Unsigned.

Got the conference gig after Ab Kujer suggested me as a speaker plus the agency exploring booking me read our little publication Zen And The Heart Of Social Media.

Ab runs Junior Senior whom we’ve done a little work with (and who’s just about to publish his first book, Think Small, Grow Big).

Ab first contacted me after seeing our MediaSnackers explained video years ago and we’ve stayed in contact since forming a great friendship over these past couple of years.

Cool, huh?

The digital world is overlapping the real world, offering us loads of digital breadcrumbs to follow and creating opportunities to connect to others like no other time in our history.

And still people doubt the ROI on it…

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