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Every cloud has a silver lining


Out of the twenty-four applicants for this we whittled it down to a shortlist of nine, then two…

Listen below to hear how we did this and who actually won in the end:


As announced above, ALL those who applied will receive a 30mins phone consulting offer from us to assist in their social media operations/strategies plus a copy of Zen And The Heart Of Social Media.

Thanks again to Visit Cardiff, Selwood Housing, LSN Learning, YMCA Fit, Black Development Agency, UWE Ventures Bristol, White Hot and Blue, Dance & Theatre Cornwall, Bristol Disability Equality Forum, Roy Sheppard, The Mighty Creatives, Think Ark, Creative Industries Trafford, Edinburgh Festivals, Connexions Northumberland, Bright Space, Ice Cream Architecture, First Light, Sherman Cymru, John Cairns and Sarah-Jayne Miskelly.


With sadness, our planned pro-bono project for 2010 has fallen through, but we still want to do something before the year is up. Therefore we’ve decided to open up the offer for anyone to seize this opportunity.

We are looking to deliver a full days training, consisting of beginners, intermediate or advanced courses, consulting time, or whatever you feel you need to explore. For more information about what we provide, please check out our services page.

If you are interested, please answer the following question:

“Why would you like MediaSnackers to work with you…?”

You can either leave a comment below, send us an email to [email removed] or create a video, audio clip or slideshow to demonstrate your point.

This offer is open to UK based commercial, non-profits, volunteers, charities, educational bodies or a group of interested individuals. The closing date for interested parties must be received by the end of 21st July 2010. Once they are all in, we will pick a winner and let you all know.

That’s it. No catches, you’ve got a week. Please send this blog post out to lots of people you know that would like help with their social media endeavours.

Check out our past pro-bono projects with Pacific Youth and TWMMF

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8 thoughts on “Free Training From MediaSnackers”

  1. Hi,
    Cardiff & Co are the place marketing agency for Cardiff and the city region, and our aim is make people realise what a great place it is to visit. We’re just establishing our Social Media network and are doing pretty well for only 3 months (nrly 350 followers on Twitter and 200 fans on FB). However, we’d really like to be able to explore new channels and methods, as we think Cardiff deserves to be promoted the best way possible.

    I’d love to find out some great new methods of destination marketing using social media, to spread the word how wonderful Cardiff is.


  2. I would like MediaSnackers to work with us because a) we’re cheap, so will always go for anything that’s free, b) unbelievably behind the times, so need all the help we can get, and c) because you sound like food, so who needs a reason?

    Seriosuly, DK, give us a chance.



  3. Hi DK and team,

    God, what great timing. I was just saying to David today that I was going to start calling everyone I know to see if we can get a few days pro bono to help develop what could be a really new innovation in fitness.

    We want to create a community around physical activity for health where the participants are also the leaders; where the locus of control is with each person – no expert tips and celeb idolisation. We need to work with a company who knows what can make a decent group site become a thriving social network.

    The key question is around moderation and scalability – how to create, or allow space for, a core group of users to self-select and self-organise to moderate and energise the community (a wikipedia ish model).

    We have a few existing groups of people who could be interested in joining such a community, some of which might take a lead role.

    I can add/send as much more detail as needed.

    Ooh, fingers crossed!!

  4. Hello Mediasnackers Team,

    BDA would like to apply for the opportunity of working with Mediasnackers.

    This is because the organisation has been endeavouring to undertake work around engaging young people in getting their voices heard in order to influence decision and become active citizens.

    The organisation is lacking in capacity or expertise in social media but feel strongly that it is the way forward.

    I feel that initially some consultation would be greatly beneficial in identifying the best means of taking this forward.

    I trust that this is sufficient information to be considered.

    However, please advise and I will submit further information as required.



    Black Development Agency

  5. Hi!

    Hope all is good with you?

    I would really like to get some more insight and advice into how I can effectively market my wig making business using social media.

    I do use some of these tools, but am not too savvy on how to make it work for my business.

    I think it would also really help to boost the profile of UWE Ventures, as we are looking at setting up some social networking pages on facebook, twitter and a blogging to let everyone know all the exciting things going on here now that we have a larger community.

    If you could add me to the list that would be great!



    UWE Ventures Bristol

  6. Hi,

    I would like MediaSnackers to work with me because social media and innovative marketing are central to the music biz. Really singing is the easy bit!! I need specialist help to bring my product to a global market. But I don’t just want to snack. I want a banquet. Pull up a chair and lets make it happen.



  7. Hi

    We’re a housing association and social enterprise based in the south west. We’re just embarking on social media but can see huge potential for the community groups, representing our tenants, that we work with to use social media – either as campaigning groups, uniting groups or as fledgling enterprises.

    We would like to work with you to increase the skills in our communities to promote digital inclusion, encourage engagement with us to help improve services we provide and to increase the use of social media to improve quality of life – connecting people to each other and to services.

    Not very ‘smart’ objectives but we can fine tune them!

    Rebecca O’Neil
    Selwood Housing

  8. Just a quick comment to thank you all for your ‘applications’ – we’ll let you know if you’ve been successful by the end of the week :-)

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