Project: TWMMF

A unique and emotionally-focussed project.

July 15th 2009 saw the launch of our 2009 pro-bono project, The Web Makes Me Feel—an insights project exploring how nearly 500 UK-based young people feel about the web and also the reasons behind the emotions.

Nesta was really pleased to support the launch of twmmf because it put a much needed human/emotional slant into the discussion around the web which is too often dominated by technology or business models. The simplicity and usability of their approach was refreshing and we look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Roland Harwood, Director – Open Innovation, Nesta

We wanted to explore a question no-one has asked before (how does the web make you feel in one word?) and display that information in a bold and dynamic way:

We then explored in a sentence or two the reason behind that response in a “because” question (more background plus details of the methodology used can be found by clicking the image above).


With such a wealth of great data, we’re lucky to have the skills of Dr Kelly Page, Insight Architect from Cardiff University to go through the results and craft such a juicy report.

This report is available as academic research from Cardiff University and exclusively through The Web Makes Me Feel for only £100.


The TWMMF (two and a half hours) workshop includes the following:

  • contextualising presentation on the fluid new media landscape
  • masterclass on a variety of social media platforms
  • bespoke insights into your own projects and programmes
  • background to the development of this project
  • free report (worth £100)

All for £500 although only four workshops are available—to purchase get in touch through our contact page.

All proceeds from the above will go towards making this a cost-neutral project.

Check out the videos and images from the event below:

TWMMF 15.07.08

Below are the blog entries for the full story of The Web Makes Me Feel project:

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