Social Networking VS Social Media

There is a difference

(WORLD) With any new(ish) industry / sector, there comes a transition of semantics and an amalgamation of terms which start to muddy the discussions until a consensus has been reached.

Of late, we've noted an increasing use of the term 'social networking' when in fact they mean 'social media'.

Why is this important?

Check it:

Just as the violin is not the orchestra, social networking is not social media.

If someone talks to you about how social networking can help you raise your brand profile don't forget to ask about social media (and how it can help to make things quicker, cheaper and sexier).

2 thoughts on “Social Networking VS Social Media”

  1. Thanks for your comment Cheryl although struggling to see how that would work when you’re using social media platforms which have no networking functions (eg google docs/reader, skype, coveritlive, WordPress etc).

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