Vistage Speaking Session#42


Inspiring the suits.

(GBR) Today we're delivering a half-day social media taster for a group of CEO's on behalf of Vistage International. We'll be showing them all the groovy stuff you can do to augment and embellish their current operations so they are quicker, cheaper, sexier.

Just got around to analysing the feedback. Great stuff overall, the guys really liked the session, very valuable and the interactive nature was
much appreciated.

Comments included:

A very useful session – a little fast for me – but so helpful (and scary) to see some very exciting tools
One of the best, most-interactive days we have had
Excellent – hands on, relevant, practical
Learned new things and a great reminder of other things
Well structured session – all groups would benefit
Really helped my understanding of social networking

Tony Price, Vistage Chair

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5 thoughts on “Vistage Speaking Session#42”

  1. Just want to say, thanks for a great day. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to hearing about all the good things people have introduced into their working lives. Mark

  2. I speak on social media for Vistage in the U.S. This is really, really impressive! I love that you’ve asked members for their thoughts after the session. Absolutely brilliant!


  3. Appreciate the kind words Gini and thanks for checking us out.

    re: the video – it’s how we roll and we do it for every gig we deliver :-)

    Would love to hear more about what you do with the Vistage US guys and just added you on Twitter…

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