Social Media Killed B2B



(WORLD) Social media means there is no such thing as business-to-business (B2B) anymore.

Instead it's all peer to peer (P2P).

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc have all created a democratic level playing field for all involved.

The thing is though, p2p has always been the best way to think of business anyway.

Think of your best customers. You have a personal relationship with them right? You don't sell to their business you sell to them. They in turn don't buy from your business but from you.

Even if you sell products through an online store and all people have to do is press an order button, social media is a great tool to get them to your site / tell the story behind what you do / show not tell what's on offer and the values & benefits of such a sale.


Thoughts relating to recent comments in one of our sessions for more b2b social media examples.

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