CTAM Europe Conference Part 3


Our bit.

(SPA) It’s our turn. We did a short presentation to provide context to the session, illustrating how the world has changed for young people and new media and technology.

We were then joined on stage by a group of young people from the American School in Barcelona to discuss their media habits. Here’s the questions we talked around:

Media habits:

  • Where and how do you learn about what’s happening in the world?
  • What are your online habits?
  • Which of the social networking sites do you use and why?

Media device ownership:

  • Which media device (i.e. cell phones, portable gaming, MP3 players, video players, PDA’s) do you spend the most time using and why?
  • What one media device couldn’t you live without and why?
  • What one thing would you like to do with a media device that’s not yet provided?

Media attitudes:

  • How do you think young people are portrayed in the media?
  • What brands, programmes or adverts do you like at the moment and why?
  • Do the films and TV shows you watch also play a role in your online activities?
  • What is the single biggest benefit and downside or negative effects that has come from the new digital advances?

Many thanks to Krizsta, Eric and Marta for enabling the session to happen and special thanks to: Abel, Loreto, Marc, Maria, Maria, Narcis, Nuria and Stefano—you guys ruled!

We tasked DK and MediaSnackers with developing a panel to challenge the thinking of your average adult marketing executive at our annual conference. DK brought in a panel of teens from an international high school and quizzed them on how they use new media—what media they use and why it is important to them—as well as checked their usage of so-called conventional media such as “linear” video.

The session and panel was just what our conference needed. Most attendees were taken aback at the priorities that these students assigned to their media devices and just how critical they were to their lives. DK expertly led the audience through a series of questions to test just how in touch our marketing executives are with today’s trends. Matching the audience’s response against the students was a lesson in how much more we need to learn about the coming consumer.

Dennis Hodges, Vice President Marketing, Sales and Content Strategy, UPC Central Europe Group and Past Chairman, CTAM Europe


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