Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Familiarity

"Familiarity breeds content"

Your content is a reflection of you and your branding—define it, decide it and stick to it.

Most social spaces have a method of 'tagging', 'labeling' or adding useful search terms to the content you produce. These shouldn't be random. They should match the content and be consistent across your company, departments, communications, promotions and websites.

Why? So you not only make life easy for people internally but also externally. Once people outside your circle understand the tags they will use them if they feature or cover your work online, thus making it easier for you to track and join the conversation.

For The Web Makes Me Feel project, we used the acronym of 'twmmf' across all internal and external discussions, on or offline. This not only created an easy way of following conversations across all social spaces, but also set a benchmark for measuring the success of the campaign. Are you doing the same for all your projects/initiatives/campaigns?


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