Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Design

"Design from the actual rather than the perceived"

This is a big one.

Many clients contact us exploring assistance in writing a social media strategy. Here's our response:


OK, we're being glib. Forgive us.

Once you start using something you gain a crucial insight into the actual nuances of its function, its form, the limits, the possibilities, how adaptable it is / is not etc. Most of the times this is different to what you first thought and perceived. Think of it as field research.

Before April 2008 there was not one UK youth worker blogging. Just by talking about this issue, in the conferences and events that we speak at, someone took up that challenge with no prior experience and became the first ever youth worker to blog.

There was no strategy in place that inspired this, simply a need to explore new platforms to aid her work and professional development.

How can you possibly know what online platforms to use to use without actually testing them out first.


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