Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Sideways

"To go forward look sideways"

How many industry journals do you read each month? Are you only reviewing that newspaper section which focuses on your sector? Do you always attend conferences related to your area of work?

There are always more examples of innovation outside your industry and sector than in it.

If you're working for a small charity then check out how Ford (yes the car manufacturers) are creating social media press releases and use it as a model in your own work.

In our training sessions with public sector workers we introduce ideas and case studies from the commercial sector.

During one of our early youth professionals training courses we introduced how commercial organisations were using instant messaging software to communicate about projects and keep in touch. However, one of the attendees shared how she would use chat, then Skype audio, then video, as transitional tools with socially phobic young people prior to meeting in the flesh. This is a great example of how models can transcend sectors.

There are multiple routes to your destination, allow yourself to explore and be inspired by what others are doing, which may reveal new pathways.


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