How To Use Social Media (According to 6th Graders)

Keeping it simple

A big thank you to Kyoo Slides for creating the above and for illustrating how easy all this social media stuff can be.

We spend a lot of our time deconstructing the reasons, the semantics, the needs and strategies behind social media use for our clients, and most of it comes down the five points made above (which could be boiled down into the one golden rule of social media use).

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MS Podcast#155 : Micah Baldwin,

Comics go social

The MediaSnackers podcast focusses on individuals, organisations or companies who are simply impressing us and which are crying out for more discussion.

Micah Baldwin is CEO at, a multi-device comic book store and reader with a social layer.

0.00—0.15 intro
0.16—0.40 background on
0.41—1.36 layer of social manifestation
1.37—2.27 social as differentiator
2.28—3.31 the numbers
3.32—5.26 unmoderated comments
5.27—7.42 giving the company to the community
7.43—9.40 becoming the iTunes / Etsy for comic books
9.41—11.05 the interface
11.06—12.53 future
12.54—13.05 outro

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School Design And Digital Content Strategies

American gigs

As part of my mini-tour of the USA, in a couple of hours I’ll be delivering a couple of internal sessions for leading school design firm DLR Group, here in Santa Monica, California.

The first will be a presentation which will have virtual attendees from eleven other of their offices around the country, then the second session will focus on their specific use of social platforms as an organisation.

DLR Group recently participated in what we hope is the first of a series of conversations with DK of MediaSnackers. He explored with DLR Group the opportunities that exist in social media and social networking, evaluated our current strategy and provided us with valuable insight to maximize our outcome.

Penny Ramsey, Brand Communications Manager, DLR Group

This will be followed by a couple of pre-conference workshops at Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) in San Jose, introducing plus implementing social media in the context of learning environments.

DK’s energy and vast knowledge of social network systems, the power of connecting imagination to realistic life and learning application was unreal. He mesmerized the audience by continually engaging them in the process of learning while swiftly covering new materials that even us “old dogs” were willing to learn! Fascinating young man – he is changing the world of learning and connecting the world of learners to unbelievable possibilities. DK’s time, energy, and expertise were a real treat to the conference attendees. I, myself, learned so much that my kids now think of me as cool because I can speak their connected language!

Julie Barrett, Business Development Leader at tBP/Architecture

Then my final sessions are another pre-conference workshop for executives and business owners at Lavacon in San Diego.

I want to thank you for speaking on “Social Media for Executives” at our conference last month. Attendees absolutely raved about your session.

A sampling of the comments included:

Very engaging!
Excellent presentation. Too bad it wasn’t longer!!
Great job!!
Loved all of it!
Bring DK back next year!

Attendees specifically enjoyed the practical portion, where they could practice what they learned in the first half of the presentation.

It is interesting to note that the Program Chair for an international conference on technical communication was following the comments coming out of LavaCon on Twitter. Based on the positive comments about your session, he immediately contacted me saying, “I want him to speak at our conference, too!”

Again, thank you for making our conference a success, and I look forward to speaking with you about our 2011 program.

Jack Molisani, Executive Director, The LavaCon Conference

I love my job and the above gigs illustrates the transferrable nature of social media to be delivering to a diverse mix of people/industries.

MediaSnackers Consulting and Speaking/Masterclass

TWMMF Prize And Feature


Winning stuff and getting published

Remember our little pro-bono project from last year exploring the emotional responses of how the web makes young people feel…?

Well, the resulting academic paper (written by Dr Kelly Page) not only won “Best Conference Paper Award in Interactive Marketing” at the 2010 Academy of Marketing (AM) Conference (sponsored by the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM)) but it will also be featured in the next issue of the Journal of Marketing Management.

One little by-product of this is that Mark and I are now officially academic authors in our own right (without having to do all those years of studying most people do).

This year the project has some international partners, which, due to the recent earthquakes in Christchurch where Core-Ed are based, will be slightly delayed.

My First Online Social Network

Russian cameras

(WORLD) Back in 2001 I purchased a little russian camera called a Lomo LCA and joined the accompanying online Lomography site.

It was platform where you could create your own page, add in your personal details, upload your images taken by the camera (after scanning them in one by one and saving them to the correct specified size), sort them into albums, leave comments on other peoples pics, add them as friends, enter competitions, send each private messages and updates—sounds familiar?

All this in 2001.

Not before long, I had made ‘friends’ with lomographers from all over the globe, met Mark, connected with my first business mentor, met in person people I’ve only known virtually on lomowalks, swapped ideas, swapped stories, swapped films etc

Then in 2003 the Lomohomes got updated which meant you could update more than just your images. The site got a diary function and here’s my first entry:

Tue 26.08.2003 13:24:55 CET

….it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day….

well well well – weblogs now, what will the funky munkys from lomoheaven think of next…..?

not too happy with the ‘snot green’ everywhere although everything else i like.

well happy with my lomohome at the moment – feeling a little smug with my new pics from the eastpak event! thanx to everyone who attended and all those who threw down some massive tricks….you guys are nutters!

well i will try and keep this up-to-date with pics and my scribblings! i guess the biggest piece of news is that in 3 weeks and one days’ time i’ll be in vegas with the two darrens from back home in wales….look out!

till next time……

I was an active member of the community till early 2005 when I turned my attention for other things going on in my life.

Apart from a couple of things like the advancement of technology convergence into our mobile devices and other stuff like geolocation not much else has changed in the world of online networks. Sure, we’ve seen different iterations but at it’s core it’s all about creating spaces for people to connect and communicate with each other. Simple as that.

So what was your first foray into social networking?

Was it the old-boys, safe and stuffy LinkedIn? The terse and funky Twitter? Maybe it was all-conquering Facebook? Or perhaps you’re an arty type and it was DeviantArt? Are they much different?

MS Podcast#154 : Guy Levine, Return On Digital

Investing in digital

(WORLD) The MediaSnackers podcast focusses on individuals, organisations or companies who are simply impressing us and which are crying out for more discussion.

Guy Levine is the CEO and owner of Return On Digital, a digital communication agency who focusses on creating “outstanding return on investment”.

0.00—0.16 intro
0.17—0.53 background on Return On Digital
0.54—2.10 what is the investment and what is the return
2.11—3.21 tangible example
3.22—4.55 digital vs traditional marketing
4.56—7.43 the rise of social endorsements plus open graph / facebook ‘like’ button
7.44—9.21 questioning the ethics
9.22—10.10 future
10.11—10.20 outro

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Martini Media

A snack-sized insight

(WORLD) I first came across this adaptive term back in 2006 at a small gig with the BBC. It was coined by Ashley Highfield, who was the then Director of New Media & Technology for the Beeb (one of the main guys behind the iPlayer) and is cited in this speech he gave back in 2004 (when there was no iPad or iPhone let alone geo-location services or even YouTube and Twitter).

The term and idea has become a staple slide in all my speaking gigs up until today and is described as thus:

Martini media is digital content which can be accessed anytime, anyplace, anywhere (the strapline to the well known alcoholic brand).

We challenge our clients, and anyone who will listen, to apply this concept the next time they are in a meeting discussion any marketing or advertising efforts. It’s such a simple question to ask : how can this be Martini’d? Or put another way, can the content created become digital takeaways so it can be shared?

Check out our mobile vouchers idea : snacksize mobile movies which, when shown at the box office, will give a reduced ticket rate—demonstrating the principle in practice.

Is this something you can use?

MediaSnackers Speaking/Masterclass

The Golden Rule Of Social Media

The secret to all this stuff—just between you and me obviously!

(WORLD) The following piece of advice is shared often with clients and others who are trying to get their head round all this social media gubbins.

It’s simple, it’s obvious, and can be applied to any platform / situation / strategy / sector.

Here we go:


This pearl provides something to check yourself against as newbies (and us oldies) craft their social media use with an eye on subsequent strategic development.

Here’s the rule applied—in a real room with real people would you:

  • talk about yourself constantly—we’ve all met these people and wished they had a mute button. Please don’t do this online. Here’s a nice test: check out Wordle and put the link to your blog/site in there, if it’s all about you then it’s time to shift the focus of your content.

  • cover your head with your company/organisation logo and/or introduce yourself just using the company/organisation name—time to step from behind the curtain and become human again. Brands can’t tweet, people have to tweet on behalf of brands. Being people is what it’s all about.

  • only talk in press release headlines—boring, boring, boring. If you are going to share this stuff make sure its in context and adds value to the conversation.

  • automate your responses without taking into consideration the person you’re talking to, their level of knowledge, why they are interested etc—of course we all have stock answers and similar things we say in certain situations, however, if you said the same thing EVERY time you’re not a person who cares but a robot who nobody cares about.

  • wear a dressing gown and expect people to take you seriously—being human does not equate to being unprofessional.

  • stand at the back, never engage with others and then call it a crap party—having a blog and not updating it or commenting on others is exactly the same. If you don’t know where to start ask those you know to introduce or recommend others. Seek out those who look and sound interesting. Ask questions. Make statements. Get involved.

Does this make sense?

What other things wouldn’t you do in a big room / using social media?

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Wales Millennium Centre Consulting

Full day of social media goodness

(WAL) Today we’re spending the day at the fantastic Wales Millennium Centre.

The morning will be spent delivering a session to the senior management team (to lay the groundwork and context), then sharing ideas with the programming and artistic team. The rest of the day will be working directly with the communications and marketing team, exchanging platform and operational ideas plus critiquing their current social media use.

All in a days work really…

I and my colleagues from Wales Millennium Centre spent a stimulating day with MediaSnackers – one of the best investments in time we could have made.

Not only have we all become braver about trying out new and different tools and thinking of new applications for them, but the injection of inspiration these sessions gave us shows no signs of abating. Three weeks on, and every single team member’s engagement in, and adoption of, new media continues to rise at an expediential rate and we’re already beginning to see identifiable results in our ticket sales.

It is fair to say we are only too aware that the only limitations are those of our imaginations – and lucky for me I work with an imaginative bunch.

Jo Taylor, Head of Marketing & Communications

MediaSnackers Consulting

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