Martini Media

A snack-sized insight

(WORLD) I first came across this adaptive term back in 2006 at a small gig with the BBC. It was coined by Ashley Highfield, who was the then Director of New Media & Technology for the Beeb (one of the main guys behind the iPlayer) and is cited in this speech he gave back in 2004 (when there was no iPad or iPhone let alone geo-location services or even YouTube and Twitter).

The term and idea has become a staple slide in all my speaking gigs up until today and is described as thus:

Martini media is digital content which can be accessed anytime, anyplace, anywhere (the strapline to the well known alcoholic brand).

We challenge our clients, and anyone who will listen, to apply this concept the next time they are in a meeting discussion any marketing or advertising efforts. It’s such a simple question to ask : how can this be Martini’d? Or put another way, can the content created become digital takeaways so it can be shared?

Check out our mobile vouchers idea : snacksize mobile movies which, when shown at the box office, will give a reduced ticket rate—demonstrating the principle in practice.

Is this something you can use?

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