Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Play

"Playing is learning by stealth"

As children we learn via play.

It's essential to the educational process.

The older we get the less we play as a learning strategy. Why?

Social media is all about playing.

When we sign up to new platforms and explore these spaces we are again like a kid on a beach in a rock-pool, turning over every stone to see what wonders await.

Push those buttons on your friend's new camera to understand the benefit and value through experiencing the process.

Create a dummy account, to 'play' around and to discover all the features and functionalities of that platform. Then start again with a work account and do things with your newly acquired knowledge (or not as the platform might not be appropriate—you never know if you don't play).

Playing is good.

Playing is healthy.

Play with purpose.

Learn by stealth.


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