MediaSnackers : A Definition


Not just a great name for a business.

(WORLD) We still get asked about the origins of the MediSnackers name and also complimented on it's descriptiveness—we've been following how other people use the word and it sparked a thought: what if it were to enter a dictionary?

Here's our take:

mediasnacker | me-dee-a-?snack-er | noun informal a person who digests lots of different forms of media (usually in bite size forms). A person who has embraced a new media lifestyle. a young person (esp. in the 2000s) of a subculture characterised by technology and media consumption.

Now where do we submit this to make it real?

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2 thoughts on “MediaSnackers : A Definition”

  1. Haha – nice.

    I would agree if our description related directly to our company and activities, thanks for playing though!

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