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Keeping track of the growing MediaSnackers Meme.

(WORLD) We probably weren't the first to apply the 'snacking' metaphor to media, although there seems to be a growing adoption in terms of describing the new youth-media landscape—we thought it would be good to keep an eye on the growing MediaSnacking meme:

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The conference started in the mid-’80s and has become a networking event of sorts for the world’s best and brightest. Dozens of speakers give presentations of about 20 minutes each—the perfect duration for a juicy “media snack.”

From a little news agency called CNN

FriendFeed, Facebook and Twitter work better for “media snacking” because I can filter results by number of people talking about each topic. I can also hold a conversation with a large group of people on each topic, and help promote the blog I’m reading much more than I can in a Reader.

How RSS is coming second to real-time web.

Media snacking is a new trend about watching snips of videos or other content based on your whims at the moment. #womma

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#womma Rise of the iPhone – Covergence at large. So many great apps. Many brands getting smart. Increased trend: media snacking. Popups suck

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@kyleplacy Not to bad. Media snacking on Twitter :) What’s shaking with you Mr Indiana?

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it’s definitely a trend on the rise. I think people like to be “open” with the other ear…especially for media snacking.

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currently running through wireframes …mediasnacking + workin’ away ..

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