Evil Social Media



(WORLD) Social media is pure evil.

It’s wrecking our minds.

Giving us lumps.

The internet is the fuel for teenage aggression, which is probably the cause of the one in three kids cyberbullying victims whilst the other two are probably cyberbullying the one in seven teachers.

It’s got so bad this social networking stuff that governments are issuing guidelines because you know it’s only going to lead to more evil when half of young people surf unsupervised, plus, even though there are hardly any kids on it MP’s think Twitter should be controlled

The only next logical answer is to cut off all the plugs, burn the computers and confiscate then bury all mobiles phones.

Social media is pure evil.

If you didn’t already please reread the above with a sarcastic satirical tone.

4 thoughts on “Evil Social Media”

  1. I think there was a DailyMail headline yesterday that said something like ‘websites are eating our childrens brains!’ or something to that effect. I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

    Notice all the sources reporting these stories are in the traditional print or tv industries – I’ll say no more.

    Now then, where did I put that pinch of salt?

  2. Menschen – I’m sorry got I carried away with my personal bugbear. But it’s a valid point in a roundabout way. I truly believe that the power, people and potential of social media IS a threat.

    It’s a threat to unaccountable people, hate mongerers and anyone stuck in the past or unwilling to have themselves challenged.

    Of course the flip(video) side is that it’s also a huge opportunity for hate mongerers too.

    But hey. the good guy (and gals) always win. That’s why MediaSnackers is thriving not surviving.

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