There Are No Natives


Paradigm shift time.]

(WORLD) Mark Prensky’s 2001 Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants (links directly to the .pdf) paper offers an accessible and understandable metaphor for those exploring social media and young people.

Much quoted by many people including myself…

…25 minutes into this gem of a presentation, Michael Wesch (creator of such hits as Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us, Information R/evolution and A Vision of Students Today) lets rip with the statement which nearly floored me:

…there are no natives…

The most popular platforms, which young people populate and use, are so new it makes us all natives. Couple this with the ever-changing media menu there becomes a huge amount of opportunity to utilise creativity and add context to these environments through critical thinking.

I’m paraphrasing (badly) so please check out the presentation for yourselves here and start to think differently about social media, young people and your nativeness/immigrantness.

Shame the video was not embeddable University of Manitoba.

10.7.08: They gave Mike permission to post it on YouTube so here it is:

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