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The little vid caused a ripple.

(WORLD) The MediaSnackers Explained 90sec short (see below) which you'll find here of has been used to start a discussion across other markets and operations.

Web strategist and Sr Analyst at Forrester Research, Jeremiah Owyang, featured our short vid in this blog post and used our meme to start a discussion about whether people prefer short-form media and if so, do the creators of such online fodder consider this in their production.

We’ve been following the discussion as it appears on several other sites like: Chris Brogan, Connie Densen, Clay Newton, Connie Reece, Lee Hopkins, Deborah Schultz, Steven Hodson, Geoff Livingston, John Johnston, Cathleen Rittereiser, Mark Cahill, Kevin Dugan, Kami Huyse (and again), Jane Quigley, Sarah Wurrey, Todd Defren, Kyle Flaherty, Gaurav Mishra, Drew McLellan, Andrea Vascellari, Beth Kanter, Ike Piggott, Jason Falls, Rob La Gesse, Doug Meacham, Chris Wilson, Meg Tsiamis, Elizabeth Dunn, Colin McKay, Tamar Weinberg, Martin Koser, Mark Goren, Angela Penny, Heather Yaxley, Sherri Lynne, Luis Suarez, Rich, Valeria Maltoni, Jim Long, Neil Perkin, Shel Holtz, Luca Vergano, Daniel Mejia—we're thrilled to see the meme explored in all these contexts and have enjoyed following the digital breadcrumbs.

One point has recurred (and it's one which has been highlighted ever since we posted the 90sec piece back in our first vodcast): you don't have to be young to be a MediaSnacker! We totally agree. MediaSnacking is not age-specific.

We focus on young people due to our background and experience but also because there are HUGE differentiators for this youth generation (please don't take it personally):

• they can claim to be the first to have a global voice instantly (even though they don't really care)
• they have ubiquitious access or ownership to technology which allows them to digest, connect, share, promote, interact, express etc. which they are not taught about but simply socialised into
• and most importantly, they don't know a world without a media menu of vast proportions across so many different platforms and mediums.

We're looking forward to following our meme spread further.

The MediaSnackers Meme was also used in a Wired article back in March 07—we were trying to get a podcast interview with the editor, Chris Anderson for about 6 months previous and like to think we influenced the seeding of the feature :-)

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