Showcomotion Conference—Part#13


Blogging from the Showcomotion Conference: My closing thoughts.

(UK/WORLD) The Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference was simply superb. I have attended many conferences in my time but never have I met such a warm and approachable group of people. 300 industry leaders but few with egos big enough not to talk to a total newbie who knew half of what they did, and who wanted to ‘blog’ or ‘podcast’ them.

Having the opportunity to simply ‘walk and talk’ with the great and good from the world of children’s media (for there were many International delegates) was inspiring and such an educational. My favourite sessions were the ones that focussed on technology and cross-platforms projects and developments, simply because it floats my MediaSnackers boat, but also because here is where the future lies.

Sometimes I felt like I was voyeur, looking over the hedge and into an industry that is in total flux. Not only are new technologies and gadget ownership directly competing with audiences time and attention, but the looming OFCOM decision about the banning of junk food advertising would impact massively on all broadcasters. These are worrying times for many delegates but equally the message of quality and simple storytelling never failed to come through in all sessions—the core values without which children’s media wouldn’t simply exist.

I really hope I get the opportunity to attend next year and who knows, maybe MediaSnackers will be on the Agenda :-)

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