Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Students

"Strive to become expert students"

There are more and more people / agencies who claim to be social media experts.

However, no-one knows it all, and there is always more to learn.

Everyday we learn something new about online platforms and technology, and their potential application.

For any individual or organisation / company, it’s not about becoming an expert : foster an environment of curiosity and embrace being life-long students.

We guarantee in this ever-evolving-web-world it will all change anyway.

A client who worked with socially phobic young people informed us how they could utilise instant messaging to get those individuals talking, then move to Skype to voice and then video chat, before finally arranging face to face meetings.

We had no idea that these platforms could be used in this way, and we have since added it to our examples in all our training courses.


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