Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Paralysis

"Analysis Paralysis"

Some companies and many organisations—especially public sector ones— are slow moving beasts. The decades of bureaucratic operations and systems created in an attempt to be transparent and accountable, has ironically caused a bottleneck of idea-movement and implementation.

The size and structure of the company is effectively paralysing it from moving forward. You can change this by proving the benefit and value of social media use, with minimal or no impact on your current work.

Use RSS feeds to create different reports: detailing online brand mentions (or maybe the lack of response to them), the evolving industry / sector developments, and also specific project / product line coverage.

If the powers-that-be don't listen, or care more about retaining the status quo even after you've showed them how to save time and money, then maybe other organisations/companies would welcome an idea-rich individual like you…


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