Zen And The Heart Of Social Media : Outcomes

"Focus on outcomes not output"

On Twitter? Have a Facebook fan page? Got a weblog? Have a channel on YouTube? blah blah blah…

With the greatest respect, so what!?!?

All output.

What's the outcome?

Nearly a third of mediasnackers.com traffic comes through our twitter streams. An actionable outcome from our output.

Our aim is to influence our audience by aiding their learning, thus changing behaviour and getting more people to come and check out our stuff.

The same analysis should be applied if you’re using any social media channel : what is the return on investment in creating the content?

Challenge the assumption of being in these spaces and spending time creating digital content by first asking : what are the outcomes I am trying to achieve?

If your total output outweighs the outcome then there is an unhealthy balance. Although remember negative outcomes offer a good learning experience.

Monitor your spaces to determine which platforms will assist in achieving those aims.


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