Y Touring Masterclass (28 June 2010)

Delivered an internal masterclass to Y Touring, Central YMCA’s award winning theatre company.

Exploring their possible use of social media in their activities and productions plus internal operations.

It took time to get DK because he is in such demand, but absolutely worth the wait. An excellent,inspirational but totally down to earth and practical presentation, full of wisdom and an introduction to a range of tools that we could see an immediate use for.

Nigel Townsend
Executive Director

MediaSnackers Speaking/Masterclass

One thought on “Y Touring Masterclass (28 June 2010)”

  1. Had a fantastic and thought provoking session with DK on monday at YTouring @1KX. I just want to say thank you.You have encouraged me to look at this type of media in a completly different light.

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