Wiltshire Beginners Training (26 January & 6 April 2011)

Our first visit to deliver training for Wiltshire County Council was scuppered by internet problems so we returned a second time to put that right :

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5 thoughts on “Wiltshire Beginners Training (26 January & 6 April 2011)”

  1. It’s a real shame that we didn’t get to put what we learnt into practice during the training, but I have been given the confidence to move forward… thanks!

  2. Another great inspirational day, but this time with the practical element that we needed. I’ll be doing something similar with my team in the next few weeks, so we’ll all be Tweeting like the Pros!!

  3. Brilliant day and the best thing I have seen you do yet! Thank you for coming back and helping people to take the first practical steps. This is the kind of thing that gets people talking and coming up with more ideas and what will (hopefully) make a real difference to how we communicate in the public and voluntary sectors in Wiltshire. The feedback from the sessions has been all very positive, with even the most technophobic pupils seeing the benefits that your ideas can bring to their work. Only you guys could do that!

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