Cable Congress 2011 (15-17 February)

Delivering the final presentation a global group of cable providers in Lucerne, Switzerland at the annual Cable Congress 2011 :

We all are using Social Media in our personal lives but not necessarily in our business lives – or if we are using it, we don’t understand it. DK’s session illuminated all of us to the possibilities of how social media can impact our lives – personally as well as professionally.

In short, your session was a wake-up call for all of us digital immigrants to join the conversations that are shaping ideas, opinions and lives.

Dennis Hodges, Managing Director Europe, Sand Cherry Associates

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2 thoughts on “Cable Congress 2011 (15-17 February)”

  1. Could not stay the whole session. Some nice eye-openers on the approach to using social media in corporate relations. Getting personal and minding process are two items that stuck with me. I would like to read the rest; note: I am not a blogger myself.

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