Finding Customers/Clients/Audiences Is Easy


Leveraging the power of twitter search.

(WORLD) I was conversing recently with a leading online recruitment brand exploring helping them out with their social media strategy (they didn’t have one and the board had requested a presentation on the topic).

After some initial discussions it went quiet.

I then shared an idea to illustrate the awesome power of social media in relation to finding new customers and with the hope to reignite the conversation—this is the email I sent below (verbatim):

IDEA – click below:

Potential customers of your service?

Easily contactable, open and available for offers…

The possibilities of social media and creativity ;-)

Over a month has passed and no response.

Thought I’d share it here.

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5 thoughts on “Finding Customers/Clients/Audiences Is Easy”

  1. Such a simple approach – it shows how people are aware of new communication methods, yet don’t have the ideas how to use them effectively, or perhaps realise the use for their business.

    As more and more examples like this come to light, eventually everyone will ‘get it’, and use to its full potential. Until then the best anyone can do is either benefit whilst others lag behind, or make the unaware aware like you attempted to do.

    Lets hope your message to them, fell on the right ears, even if you didn’t get a reply back.

  2. This illustrates a related problem – that of the email deluge.

    It always dismays me when I look over someone’s shoulder and see an endless dirty river of spam, newsletters and work emails all mixed up.

    Your above gem was (probably) buried there…

    Until now.

  3. @ Carl – probably my friend… at least it gave me an opportunity to share here as a model for others to use :-)

  4. Agree with Carl, it’s easy for your message to be buried or to be treated as spam; but this also applies to Tweets. When you’re following larger numbers or active trends the flow of updates can be to much to take in. This is where you need the right tools. I think it’s our job to help people (business) understand the potential and show them how to use the tools. (not forgeting that we’re still learning these our ourselves)

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