The MediaSnackers Meme #15 (Twitter Special)


Keeping track of the growing MediaSnackers Meme.

(WORLD) We probably weren't the first to apply the 'snacking' metaphor to media, although there seems to be a growing adoption in terms of describing the new youth-media landscape—we thought it would be good to keep an eye on the growing MediaSnacking meme:

#2dmnz mobile : mobile data will be consumed by media snackers (on bus, in cabs, etc)

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Per my last note — it’s media snacking without the filtering. Radio is a media snack but network news knows how to filter out the trivial.

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love the term “media snacking”

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@DonLinn RE @arjunbasu stories… like a new version of Haiku? Short. Meaty. Entertaining. Works well with “Media Snacking” trend.

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i dig the work done by Sachi and Lee at Common Craft. Breaking it all down in the “media snacking” world.…

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Like the Popcorn machine of conversation im heating up the kernel of ideas and leaving a tasty media snack. Goodmorning.

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