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There are none!

(WORLD) Today in a discussion with a potential client, who were looking for social media experts with the aim of making them just the same, I came out with this juicy takeaway:

…strive to become expert students not just experts!

Everyday I learn something new about online platforms and technology, and their potential application. I think I know a lot (and there are obviously people who know more than me) although I am aware I don’t know a lot more.

For any individual or organisation/company, it’s not about becoming an expert but fostering an environment and attitude to know there is always more to learn—thus enabling a process of exploration and forward approaches rather than reliance on what you know now (because I guarantee in this ever-evolving-web-world it will).

8 thoughts on “Social Media Experts”

  1. Couldn’t agree more

    I suggested it more as ‘facilitators of learning’ in that the role is to recognise the opportunities participants have to learn/develop and then support them along the paths they choose to take. If you do this you can’t possibly be an expert in all those potential paths, but you can use your experience of having travelled many paths yourself to help them along (assuming you still regularly go for ‘learning walks’ yourself!)

  2. Thanks for your comments Carl and Mas – I would actually add in creativity, especially when so much of this stuff is new and different… the ability to apply context and vision to the use of social media is where the value lies for me.

  3. Bagsy I be the Ninja Whinger. Mark, you be the Ninja Singe(r), Barney the Ninja Binger. Bobbie can be the Ninja Bling(er) and DK the Ninja Minger.

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