The MediaSnackers Manifesto


Lines in the sand.

(WORLD) A public declaration articulating our brand beliefs and values:

Everything we do must be kick assthe overarching MediaSnackers mantra.

Be fluid—(reflect the market and) bend, change, divert, redefine, fluxuate, react, stretch, evolve, reinvent, be dynamic and stay organic. It's a strength not to be rigid.

Leading is a choice—not a position.

Play constantly—with words, ideas, technology, platforms, structures and others. It's the best way to learn.

Real life has more bandwidth—faces are better than Facebook, getting out there, making people 3D and pressing palms still rules!

Believe in values—they are assets not to be sold. Meaning, we scrutinise every potential client and are selective who we work with (no tobacco companies or fast-food chains please).

Be nice…to people and the planet. We are currently developing plans to go carbon neutral and also prefer to build people up than to knock them down.

Don't be bullied—simply, ignore them. A secondary reaction to other stuff and it's not our issue(s) to own.

Everyone has something to teach—so, stop and listen (even to the bullies).

Follow the digital breadcrumbs—you never know where they will lead and to whom. Click, click, click away…

Think big, act small—it's been said before, imaginations have no limits, our capacity to deliver does though. Break it down, create layers and it becomes doable (with help usually).

Experience doesn't matter—not when you're trying new stuff. That's why it's called new. The success is nearly always in the attempt.

Make it personal—yes, MediaSnackers is a business but we're people first.

Collaborate—Albert Einstein said it best: "Nothing great was ever done alone." We like company.

Technology is a Trojan Horse—the real game is long-term 'voice projection' for young people. Giving adults just enough comfort with the tools to be able to innovate with their young charges is the key; likewise, giving kids the tools and mentors to begin to project their ideas/creativity on an unparalleled level is what we do (thank you Christian Long for flooring us with this).

Conversation over advertising—no direct mail-outs or fliers. We haven't the time or belief in interruption marketing. We ensure we kickass and promote this. More signal, less noise, or, simple stories, well told.

Look sideways to go forward—inspiration and ideas will come from other sectors, glance around constantly and see what's going on elsewhere, then adapt and adopt.

The MediaSnackers Manifesto will be permanently accessible here and is subject to change.

Inspired by An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

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